Group Benefits

twfg_group_benefits1Group Benefits typically refer to employer sponsored benefit plans for employees such as health, vision, dental, short and long term disability insurance, life insurance and 401K or 403B, pensions or deferred compensation retirement plans. Group Benefits plans usually provide employees with options for increasing coverage on themselves, adding family members and different deductibles at varying price points.

twfg_group_benefits2Many health insurance coverage providers offer employers and employees access to Group Benefits coverage. There are many different plan types and coverage options available depending on the provider. Up until recent health care legislation changes Group Benefits policies were the only guaranteed issue medical coverage for employees choosing to participate with pricing based upon the census information of the employee work group.

Group Benefits can also include “supplemental insurance” for catastrophic events like cancer, accident, accidental death or dismemberment. These policies can be offered through the employer or purchased separately by the employee as part of their payroll deductions.

TWFG represents a number of companies that offer Group Benefits and Supplemental Group Benefits coverage. It is important that the policy and coverage you select matches your business needs. By working with an experienced TWFG agent you can avoid gaps in coverage and determine which company and program is right for your business.